Friday, December 30, 2011

How to Wear Your Fabulous Heels Without Pain

Wearing high heels can make you stand so that your legs look slimmer, your stomach is flatter, and your feminity is unstoppable. It can also do wonders for your stride, but walking in high heels is not a natural talent it's learned skill, perfected by practice and discipline. For many women, heels present a conundrum: fashion or comfort? Although high heels are undeniably stylish and add flair to countless outfits, they can cause pain and possible injury. Take time when buying high heels and search for quality shoes. When wearing your heels, choose your steps carefully and take care to treat your feet well. Here are some great tips to help wear and also buy those favorite heels you LOVE!
  1. Buy quality shoes. Cheap heels can be excruciating; when it comes to shoes, it always pays to invest in quality construction and materials. Look for a pair on which the heel is solidly attached to the center of the shoe backing.
  2. Choose heels you will be able to walk in. Be realistic about your level of comfort while wearing heels. Look for shoes in which you will be able to navigate sidewalk cracks, potholes and bumps.
  3. Take a load off. To save your feet, remove them slightly from your heels when sitting down. Be careful not to take them off completely, or your feet can swell and cause you even more pain.
  4. Buy gel insoles.These insoles are narrower and shorter than those for other shoes, allowing them to be applied to the inside of heels without sticking out at the sides or either end.
  5. Try to walk less. When wearing platform heels or stiletto heels, the easiest option to save your feet from pain is to walk as little as possible. Carry moleskin with an adhesive side and apply it to the inside of your shoes on areas that rub.

Okay Ladies, now ....Grab your FAVORITE HEELS and lets STRUT the night away!


  1. I want all three of those shoes :)

  2. Lol! Hey bad Barbara, The designer is Lesilla! They have some of the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen! Nice blog, I followed!