Monday, November 21, 2011

Paris based shoe-designer Raphael Young

Creating his first pair of shoes at just 14 years old under the guidance of his uncle - renowned YSL bottier, Alexandre Narcy - Raphael Young had an early introduction to artisan footwear. His label, launched in 2007, focuses on traditional craftsmanship coupled with inimitable style. Combining technical brilliance with materials like resin and mother-of-pearl, his sculptural shoes have a cult following.The mosaic-patterned leather shoes and boots have metal details and extreme, architectural heels. These edgy, well-crafted shoes may not be for the stylistically safe (or budget-wary), but we enjoy seeing designers who take risk and don't follow trends.


  1. O my gosh this designer is exciting! I'm a sucker for shoes with architectural elements. Budget-wary I am but I'll take them all:)

  2. His craftmanship is amazing!!! I love to see designers that are very unique and also take risk on designs. I would love to own every pair!!!

    Thanks Hannah, for visiting and following my blog!
    Annabella Style